Friday, 20 April 2012

Cabin in the Woods - Film Review

Three words - what the fuck?
What the fuck am I watching is the main thought that ran through my mind while watching this film.

The whole thing was completely bizarre. Writer, Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) laid bare the well-known conventions of horror films, using them to his advantage - and putting a story behind a story.  This I relate to the 'gamemakers' of 'The Hunger Games' as we witness a team of people setting into motion all of the disasters that are to await the five unsuspecting friends.

Despite the utterly weird storyline and turn of events, there are aspects of this film which are simply awesome. For example, the ending - it was brilliant, I'll give no more than that away though. I was happy as well because I'd watched a horror film that barely scared me. There were parts where I jumped out of my skin and had to look away as it was too gross to watch, but each was counteracted by a hint of comedy that was weaved throughout the film and eased my nerves. Despite the mixed opinions of almost everyone who left the cinema, my opinion is watch the film for yourself to see if you can decide what you think.

You think you know what to expect, and then the unexpected happens. 


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Battleship - Film Review

I can now happily say that this film beat my expectations. The trailer I saw in the cinema focused on the CGI alien attacks, explosions, and a clip of Rihanna saying "Boom" - Not my cup of tea.

Having been made by the same people who brought us the Transformers films, excessive CGI is expected, but what the trailer barely hinted at is that there is a story there too and comedy - so really there is a little bit for everyone. My preconceptions led me to believe that only CGI fanatics, and rowdy men wanting to look at Rihanna would be wanting to view this film. I was wrong. I found myself actually enjoying it, but perhaps this is because I had such low expectations to begin with - So don't go to see it with high expectations, or you'll be disappointed. I don't want to get your hopes up, the film was not amazing, just better than I'd thought it would be.

Rihanna's acting skills were also better than imagined as she played the part of a macho marine. No-one however, is more macho and manly than the protagonists boss and potential father-in-law, who is played by Liam Neeson. A man who in every role played, is a manly tough guy - because well, let's face it - he can't act as anything else with that voice!

The film which had been inspired and based on the classic naval combat game, also named "Battleship", sees five unidentified-flying-objects heading for Earth, before one breaks off (later discovered to have been the communications device) and the others land in the sea just out from Hawaii. The naval forces, who have all coincidently been residing just off of Hawaii for a sports comp,  are thrusted into battle. Their enemy, lizard-like-iron-men, are more powerful and advanced and on a mission to 'phone home' and gather the rest of their species for a takeover. It is now the role of default ship leader and films protagonist, Hopper, to thwart their plans. 

Battleship: Game on ?!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Okay, so my lazy day came to an end when the internet annoyed me. How? Cyber-bullying.  

Bullying, whether physical or emotional, can hit a person like a ton of bricks. I have experienced bullying, through most of primary and up until year 8 of secondary school, and that is awful - But cyber-bullying seems often to be in a league of it's own. I have not experienced cyber-bullying as social networking was getting popular just as my bullying was coming to an end. 

Bullies are often described as cowards, and cyber-bullies are the most cowardly of the breed. Hiding behind their screen sending insults through cyber-space and thinking little of the consequences.The first form of cyber-bullying I witnessed today was in the comments section of an article on the Independent website. I had heard of it but only checked it out after my boyfriend blogged about it leading me to the article entitled: Going on strike is disgraceful, selfish and, quite frankly, passé, heard of it? - Well this article was written by a third year studying the same university course as my boyfriend (who is in the first year). Those commenting not only insulted Malm for having a view but insulted the course that she is studying, and those on it. These commenter's also found Malms own blog and criticised her there too. Despite disagreeing with her views, there is no need for a playground slanging match. I'd always thought of the readers of the Independent to be mature and educated, but when they call a 21-year-old student an 'ignorant twit' and liken her to Samantha Brick and the Ugandan war-lord Joseph Kony, my opinion began to waver. You can insult her writing style as much as you like, and disagree with what she is saying - yes, fair enough, that is to be expected as a journalist anyway - but do not insult the girl for saying it or object to her right to say it. Also, should it not be commended that an undergraduate has managed to be published in the Independent before even graduating - showing that clearly the course she is on is doing something right? 

@ItsGailPlatt (fake imitating twitter) started the trend ...
The other form of bullying I witnessed was when I decided to look for Twitter reactions to Malms piece, I looked at the 'Top Trends' and saw - third in the list - #GailPlattLooksLike. I found tweets suggesting she looked like everything from E.T to Parker from Thunder Birds. Other tweets didn't liken her to anything, just outright insulted her. Do these imbeciles not realise that Gail Platt isn't just a character, but is played by a real life person! This type of trending is regular on Twitter and I find it insane that this is seen as light hearted banterous entertainment. Helen Worth has done nothing to these people yet yesterday Twitter was full of abuse for her. Imagine if she saw all of those tweets, stuff like that could lead to insecurities and depression. 

In the days when I was being bullied, going home I could get away from it - that is if my siblings were being nice to me that day anyway - but with the bullies now having the ability to target their victims even after school hours, there is no escaping it. I once saw a news story in which a young girl attempted suicide after her school bullies created a website - dedicated to bullying her. It was insane, making a young girls life hell for entertainment? Wrong. 

I am not a devout Christian, but there is one rule I learnt during my Sunday school days which I will always live by - and that is to treat others how you wish to be treated. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mirror Mirror - Film Review

Director Tarsem Singh, has taken the well known naive-apple-eating-domestic-princess and transformed her into an ass-kicking version of her former self, who needs not to be saved by the prince, but wishes only to save the kingdom which is rightfully hers - and ends up saving the prince along the way.

Despite being one of the only groups in the cinema without children, the film was still entertaining and not directly aimed at children, with adult humour and humour that the kids will understand too. The film was thoroughly entertaining, containing the perfect hint of Fairytale magic and modern twists.

Lily Collins (Daughter of Phil Collins) plays Snow White in the modern adaptation. This is her first film role. In this adaptation, Snow breaks her evil stepmothers rules, and leaves the castle on her 18th birthday, witnessing how the people no longer sing and dance all day. After a failed attempt at getting the Prince to help her gain her rightful place on the throne, the evil queen (Julia Roberts), sends her right hand man, Brighton, to kill her in the woods. Brighton, however, fails to do the deed and instead instructs Snow to "run!". She finds safety in the woodland home of seven banished 'uglies' - Also known as the seven dwarfs. The seven of them do what Snows father had felt he would not be able to achieve (because she is a girl) and teach Snow how to fight. Showing little girls everywhere that they can achieve anything.

Whilst the training is taking place, and the whole kingdom believe Snow to be dead, the Queen gets her clutches on the Prince and manipulates him into fighting for her. The Queen then also has a brainwave of how to end her financial problems - Marry the Prince. How though could she get this 'smooth, hairy' Prince to agree to this, when he is so clearly in love with Snow White - Magic. The Queen uses a love potion - which she later discovers to have been 'Puppy Love', on the Prince. The lovestruck pup then agrees to marry her and it is up to the Princess and her bandit dwarfs to save the day.

The film contains one thing which most traditional Fairytales lack - twists! I was surprised to have been surprised by this film and love that I was. Being a Fairytale it is of course a moral tale, so a good one for the kids - but one you shouldn't mind taking them to see. Some of the links to the original tale are also noticeable, and I like how they have entwined this with the modern take. Overall, this is definitely one to watch.

Naive-apple-eater to ass-kicking-sword-fighter. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Street Dance 2 - Film Review.

Before even getting to the cinema I could predict almost perfectly the whole plot of this film. The trailer does give most of it away, but the gaps where it doesn't tell you what happens are easy to fill in.

As with most dance films, there is a competition to win. After humiliating himself in front of the 'unbeatable' crew, Invincible, street-dancer Ash (Falk Hentschel) has even more motivation for winning the 'Final Clash' - he just needs a crew. That is where Eddie comes in (George Sampson, runner up of 2007 Britain's Got Talent). Eddie approaches Ash with the desire of being his manager. Miraculously the fired-popcorn-boy and teenage manager are able to fund a trip around Europe to gather all of the top street dancers, who Eddie somehow knows of, personally or otherwise.

Almost everything about this film is unrealistic. The plot is unrealistic, the acting is unbelievable - most probably seeing as they are primarily dancers, and some of the scenarios are just absurd. I get that it is just supposed to be a bit of light fun and entertainment - but would the whole dance crew really all wake up at the same time due to one person snoring, all have the same idea of attacking him with pillows, and the room - somehow carpeted in feathers, then become a dance floor filled with the happy, laughing crew. No - they would be pissed off and sleepy and moaning at each other.

The one thing I cannot fault about this film is the dancing. Ash and Eddie decide to put a twist on popular street dance by infusing Latin. To do this they have to enlist Eva (Sofia Boutella), after having to persuade their crew. The phenomenal dancing is the only reason I wanted to see this film, and the only reason I'd recommend it to anybody.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Wrath of the Titans - Film Review

The Wrath of the Titans is basically a film about sibling rivalry. Hades (god of the underworld) and Zeus (god of the sky) are fighting, and Zeus' children, Perseus and Ares, are fighting, because poor ole god of war, Ares, is jealous of the love and affection Zeus shows toward Perseus. Perhaps this shows they are not too far from humanity.

Throughout the film I couldn't shake the feeling that Perseus should have been named Hercules, but apparently seeing as Zeus has immortality he supposedly 'got around' during his years and had many children. Despite this though there were so many things which related to the stories of Hercules that I am so familiar with. Not just the fact that he is the son of Zeus, or that he flies on the back of Pegasus (the flying horse), but whilst in the labrinth leading to Hell - he fights and kills a centaur, as did Hercules!! 

I watched the film in 3D and have to add that it was possibly one of the best uses I myself have seen yet, just a shame about the film itself. 

The film was supposed to be serious for the most part but me and my friends couldn't help but laugh. I really want to label this film over-the-top, but can it be classed as that when it is a film about gods? I went to the cinema with 8 people, none of which were particularly fond of the film. I'll even go so far as to say I was bored, and this isn't because I'm some typical-action-hating-girl, I'll watch anything, and besides 5 of the people I was with were male - and most of those agreed with me. Dull and rather predictable.

Feel the boredom ... 

Fish Fingers and Custard.

If the Doctor says it's good - then it MUST be! 

Today (3rd April) has been named Official Fish Fingers and Custard Day! This is in celebration of the second anniversary of the famous scene in episode one of series five, The Eleventh Hour.

The Doctor (Matt Smith) is going through the regeneration process and has a "new mouth, new rules". Young Amelia Pond gives him, Yoghurt ("stuff with bits in"), bacon ("Are you trying to poison me?"), baked beans (which are "evil"), and bread and butter (which he throws out of the front door and orders to "stay out"). The frustrated and hungry Doctor then raids her fridge-freezer and finds what he needs "fish fingers and custard" - and alas the trend begun. 

Matt Smith confessed that during filming what he ate was not even fish fingers - but breaded cakes. He has since however joined the fad and had his first taste of the sweet-savoury snack on the Christmas Eve episode of The Graham Norton Show. With a full mouth of fish custard Matt uttered that it was "alright, yeah". The general opinion in the studio was that it was alright. Not disgusting, but not great. 

Shopping List: Fish Fingers, Custard. 
So on this day, I decided to finally partake. Me and my boyfriend, both mad Whovians, walked through the aisles of Morrisons supermarket with a basket containing a packet of 10  fish fingers, and one pot of Ambrosia custard. 

My boyfriend, Matt (not Smith), said that he doesn't like custard and doesn't like fish fingers -so we were off on a good start. I like both but was still weary. Matt admitted though that the custard improved the taste of fish fingers, which is a definite positive. 

Weary Matt

Matt: "It's not bad actually"

Note the Doctor Who T-Shirt. ;) I'm a nerd.